E. R. Warner


E.R. Warner, Author

Rock Bottom won two awards in 2012, the Anne McKee Artist’s Award for Literature and the same board awarded Rock Bottom the Richard Heyman Award.  The latter is a special recognition award given only by unanimous consent of the board.

The Interview
won the major literary award given yearly in Key West, the Council for the Arts award for literature, or the Key West Writers Guild Award. It was presented to E.R. Warner for The Interview in 2013.

Perdita, the Lost One  is a short thought-provoking novel about a troubled woman dealing with big issues. Estelle, the main character, was abused as a child, and a chance meeting with an orphan on a remote Caribbean island brings her face-to-face with her past.  Read the first few pages HERE.   

Rock Bottom is a suspense novel about how relationships can get us into trouble, but also about how these same relationships can sometimes save us from ourselves.  Dr. Alex Palmer returns to Key West to help Tessie, a teenaged Cuban refugee. When Tessie is kidnapped, Palmer and two friends—a bi-sexual veteran, Dave Cameron, and an irreverent charter boat captain, Nate Burston—plot a dangerous rescue. Read the first few pages HERE.

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