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Perdita, the Lost One, gives you a brief look into the life of a troubled woman who was abused as a child. Spiritually bereft, she hovers on the brink of getting well or tipping the other way, falling into the abyss of mental illness or suicide. Read to see what happens and meet Perdita, an orphan she finds on the beach of a remote, Caribbean island. Find out if Perdita can become a catalyst for change.  

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Perdita, the Lost One--Read a sample of Warner's short novel

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I became so involved and interested in Warner’s novella that I read it in a single sitting, one of the main intents of this literary genre. Warner plumbs great emotional depths expertly and writes about them with great humanity and understanding. I recommend it to anyone who cares about human connections and the webs they weave. You will not be disappointed.
~Leonel Valle, Senior Poet Laureate of Virginia, winner of the International Robert Frost Poetry Award 2011, Tennessee Williams Award 2011, author of Keys Latitude.

A tropical island with a mysterious culture . . . a great place for reinventing yourself. When the central character, Estelle, meets Perdita, an abandoned child, she makes life-changing discoveries. An element of mystery continues as secrets are revealed that impact all the characters.  A thought-provoking and suspenseful read that I highly recommend.
~Deborah Linker, poet, Living on the Edge, Aix, France

Warner’s matter-of-fact style, while going where even angels fear to tread, is breathtaking. She is enormously gifted. The writer's job is to invoke empathy in the reader and her understanding of that craft is close to devastating. This is a  serious book, and I loved it.
~Arndt Schorr, Key West author of The Bad Samaritan

E. R. Warner

Reviews of Perdita,the Lost One by some of Warner’s contemporaries