Rock Bottom   won an Anne McKee Artists Award for Literature, 2012 and the Richard Heyman Award, 2012.

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E. R. Warner

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Are you ready to get lost in the underworld of Key West, a world inhabited by pedophiles, drug traffickers, and the Cuban Mafia? If so, follow Dr. Alex Palmer as he returns to the rock to rescue Tessie, a teenaged Cuban refugee who’s been lost in this frenzy. But Palmer has problems of his own—alcohol-ism, three ex-wives, homophobia in a town full of homosexuals . . . and when he meets up with Dave Cameron, a bisexual veteran, Palmer is put to the test. See where it takes him, along with Cameron and Nate Burston, captain of the Sea Dream. How will Amy Diaz, the Key West cop, handle these vigilantes? Will she help or hinder the rescue they have planned?

Rock Bottom  takes off like a rocket from the first chapter and has excellent character portrayals and atmosphere.  ~Leonel Valle, Senior Poet Laureate of Virginia, Keys Latitude

As I reached the last few chapters of Rock Bottom, I was torn between wanting to finish it and not wanting to let it go. 

~Deborah Linker, Living on the Edge, Aix, France

Warner’s imagery is quintessential and her use of dialogue—especially gritty, street dialogue—is spot on. 

~Joanna Brady, The Woman at the Light

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