The Interviews is a story of love lost and love reborn. In 1963 two college students, Lisa who is white and Eugene who is black, become lovers. When Lisa becomes pregnant she goes to Canada where her mother’s relatives live. Eugene gets involved with Althea, a former love and they live their lives apart. Decades later, students researching civil rights interview Eugene, learn about his affair with Lisa and bring her back to help with the video. Their affair is rekindled, although ultimately, tragedy affects them all. But this legacy remains: a film for the future.


The Interviews  won the Key West Writers Guild Award in 2013.

Pre-publication Reviews:

The Interviews  is a brilliant work of fiction about young lovers in the 1960’s brought together again years later, leading to a shocking turn of events. An excellent thought-provoking read.  

 Joanna Brady, author of The Woman at the Light

The Interviews  is a smooth and elegant tale of forbidden love.  It is an exciting and provocative read that will stay with you long after you finish it.

Leonel F. Valle, Virginia Sr. Poet Laureate, author of Keys Latitude

born to oblivion 

is Warner’s novel about fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS), brain damage caused in utero by the mother’s use of alcohol. This is a disability that affects a majority of the children on Indian Reservations and affects  untold numbers in the rest of the population.

Born to Oblivion tells the story of Angel, a young adopted girl whose troubles begin early in her childhood and escalate as the years increase. By eighteen she is in prison. Read about how society will not enable her to thrive and, ultimately, will fail to protect her.  

Works in Progress

E. R. Warner